What's An Appie?

Appies are an effective cost efficient way for restaurant managers to launch professional quality digital ads.  There is no need to "figure out" new technologies or to look for that "perfect image".  With an Appie, you go online and answer some questions.  We take it from there.  In a few minutes you can have a marketing campaign launched directly to your target market.  After the campaign is over, we will let you know how many people your ad reached. Its that simple!


What do the ads look like?

After you tell us what image you would like and what message you would like to promote, we put together the "creative" for you.  No two ads will look alike. It really depends on the options you have chosen.  Some may have text followed by an image.  Some may have more text below the image.  Rest assured, it will be prepared with the "look and feel" of the image you chose. After you tell us what image you would like and what message you would like to promote, we put together the "creative" for you.  Below is an example of an ad crafted for a Thai restaurant for Mother's Day on Facebook. 

screen-shot-2017-05-09-at-12.22.53-pm.pngIf you would like to see more examples, contact us on the form below and we will be happy to show you more! 



What if I don't see an Appie for my offer?

We cover the major restaurant events and holidays but understand that sometimes you want a bit more customization.  We provide you with the option to customize your own ad.  Click the "CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN"  or visit http://appies.shop/custom/ to craft your own.


How do we measure success?

We are successful when we place your message in front of the right people at the right time and they ultimately walk through your door.  We are not randomly broadcasting your brand and message.  We are targeting people that are near you and may be interested in visiting your restaurant.  We want to see results as much as you do and the key metric that we use is impressions.  A little technical jargon...Impression, sometimes called a view or an ad view, is a term that refers to the point at which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, or displayed once on a web page. The number of impressions of a particular advertisement is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded.  After your campaign is completed, you will know how many impressions you had.


What social media channels and platforms are Appies on?

Currently, Appies are offered on Facebook and Instagram.  If there is a platform you would  like us serve, please drop us a note in the contact form below to let us know.


What do I get when I purchase an Appie?

  • Professionally designed "creative"  - completed ad and copy
  • Restaurant-optimized execution of ads with proprietary marketing algorithms
  • Expert execution and launch of ad campaign
  • Ability to outsource a time consuming, specialized task to experts at a fraction of the cost
  • Results! (and a report to support it).


My restaurant does not have a website or Facebook presence. Can I still use an Appie?

An Appie is a great way to test a digital presence and "dip a toe" in the digital advertising water.  You do not need any technical or marketing expertise to run an Appie. Simply tell us what you want to promote and we will design, prepare and launch the ad for you.  You do not need a social media page or website to use an Appie.  We will place your advertisement in front of thousands or relevant eyeballs with a few clicks of the mouse.  Still not convinced? If you would prefer to talk to someone, just fill in the form below and we will call you.


We update our restaurant's social media channels and run our own ads. Does an Appie make sense for me?

You are the perfect candidate for an Appie.  You understand the impact and importance that digital marketing is having on restaurants and are managing your digital assets on your own. Are you aware that when you post content, it will only show up in 6% of your follower newsfeeds? An Appie is a perfect way to supplement your marketing with proven ads and strategies.  Why not run your own ad while you run an Appie and compare results?  We are confident that you will see the difference of using a service that is focused solely on digital ads.


Any other questions we can help you with? Please fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you.